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Greek Luxury Apartments company is working in short term renting of luxury apartments and Villas in Greece and is a subsidiary of Clever Constructions Co which is a company working in the constructions field and is established to meet the market requirements in excellent quality, with innovative solutions, anticipating future needs of each client.
Therefore, the ground is composed of individuals with extensive experience in luxurious constructions in North and selected resort areas in Athens and more extensively in Greece generally.
The company undertakes only projects of high manufacturing cost in order to meet the quality targets set.
Early 2004 created a family construction company the Clever Constructions shareholders with Chris, John and Alexander Ouzounis.
The company creation ratio and its main purpose is to create luxury constructions with the most modern technology in the market and with the most modern materials.
Our respect for the environment and our energy sensibilities orient us toward a different logic from that which prevails in the construction market which is geared to cheap and intensive structures to achieve low manufacturing cost.

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